Tower Hobbies #1 Super Savers Club, is it worth it?

Tower Hobbies is an online hobby store based in Champaign IL that has been in business since 1971.  They offer a wide assortment of hobby related products and a lot information for those who are new to a particular field.  For $9.99 you have the option of joining their savers program and after 5 months […]

Would you still buy from Amazon if you had to pay taxes?

Currently Amazon is arguing/fighting to preserve its position where it does not have to collect taxes in states where it is not physically present.  The following snippet is from an article that I read (link provided): “In its 1992 Quill decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that a state could not require a retailer to charge […]

Who the heck wants to listen to me?

Most everything that I do I learn by scouring the web, reading what I can, and going in over my head.  The way I figure it is if one entry can help one person get through something they didn’t know then it was worth the time to write it down.  I also think its healthy […]