Password Complexity – Clear as Mud

Today I was going through the process of updating my password on one of my accounts but received an error because the new password failed to meet the minimum requirements.  I knew this because I was presented with a single dialog box that the following paragraph.  If you can read and understand this then you […]

eBay’s feedback system for sellers

I really didn’t understand all of the changes made to eBays feedback system until I recently sold a bunch of stuff.  I found out the hard way that there really is no longer a method to provide visible feedback stating that a Buyer is a dead beat or unreasonable.  Here are two examples where that […]

Mazda5 – POS

Let me preface this by stating prior to our current vehicles I have always driven smaller/compact cars.  VW Bug, VW Golf, Acura Integra, Pontiac LeMans (no, not the cool muscle car but the cheap re-branded Opel Kadet). My wife had a fender bender and dropped our 06 Durango off for repairs.  Enterprise, granted they were […]