Lavazza – a real coffee shop for real coffee drinkers

Looking back over the past 10+ years it’s amazing how much of a coffee based country the US has turned out to be.  There are those that will say we are not a coffee country but more of a “fast food – triple foamy, extra sweet” country and I can’t say that I disagree with […]

Traxxas Summit – Front and Rear Bumpers

I’ve had my Traxxas Summit for about 3 months now and it’s a great truck.  Our house is up on a hill and I’ve there is a large hill / side yard that we run our trucks around on.  It’s been snow covered for awhile and the Summit has been great and tearing it up […]

Nutty Easter Eggs

I’ve always appreciated Easter Eggs in software products.  I remember doing things like searching for Elvis in the original Mac OS Map program, or finding the magic hidden dot in Atari’s Adventure to get you to the secret room.  I just added a friend of mine who is leaving the company where we worked on […]

FlexLM license manager and NodeLocked licenses

FlexLM is a licensing product that can be used with applications to manage licenses for usage.  FlexLM itself can be installed on central servers and used to manage/distribute licenses in a enterprise environment.  There are three license types that can be used with FlexLM: Floating:  a pool of licenses that are given out and returned […]

The most comedic yet accurate reviews

I found a link to this review off of slashdot a couple of weeks ago.  This is a 7 part review of the Star Wars – The Phantom Menace movie done in 10 minute increments.  Let me preface this that at first it will come off as someone just being a goof but I promise […]

So long 2009 and welcome to 2010!

I remember when I was in 20’s that a New Year always was an exciting time and brought a sense of hope and new beginnings.  As I near 40 a New Year has taken on a different meaning and tone.  I always try and spend New Years day just messing around on odds and ends […]