I’m a happy iPad owner!

When I got home from work today I found my iPad sitting at my front door. I’ve started to mess around with it and I’m so glad that I bought it. I’ve got my base apps installed, the 3G activated, wi-fi to my home network on, Mobile Me configured, email account setup, and my Gelaskin […]

Oh where are these iPads?

I’m anxiously awaiting my 3G iPad but something dawned on me, I haven’t seen one in the open. I ride a commuter train each day to and from Chicago and I would expect to see some city chic person with one. Plus I live in what would be considered an upscale neighborhood and would expect […]

I iPad therefore I am…

After riding the rails for a good amount of time I broke down and decided to plunge into iPad land.  I’m still not sold on the costs of the 3G contract and it bothers me that I would have to pay for both my iPhone and iPad.  But then again I know how I am […]