Review – Mondo Solitaire from Ambrosia Software

112 Solitaire variations in this one app!  Add to that a clean and simple interface and you can spend a lot of time in this app.  Ambrosia has a long history of making fun and exciting games for the Mac and this one is another example of their great work.

When you go to choose a new solitaire game you can scroll down through the 112 games sorted by name, popularity, decks, length of play, and winning record.  If you are feeling frisky you can simply hit a “Surprise me!” button to randomly pick a game.  One thing at I really like is that you get a snapshot of each game as you click on it.  You can see what the game will look like, a summary of how to play, and all the basic stats.  I think this makes it easier for someone to venture off and play games they never new about.

You will also see that it’s not one simple background/patter for all games.  Ambrosia took the time decorate each game and make it feel like your are getting 112 games in 1, not 1 game multiplied 112 different ways.  All in all I think this is a great value for $9.99 off of the App Store and something you should keep on your desktop/laptop to pass the time when needed.

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