Apple’s App Store vs. ???

This past week I read about Amazon’s entry into the application download space for the Mac.  The question that rang through my head is whether they can do it right.  From what I read there were already things that it can’t do and in some instances you have to download and install the application itself. […]

Game Review – Glow Hockey HD for the iPad

Glow Hockey is an air hockey game for the iPad that has a vibrant, glow based design. Not to much to explain the mechanics, it’s air hockey. I’ve played it for 10 minutes and I have a serious problem with the single player AI. There are four levels that range from Easy, to Medium, to […]

Video Review – Gamifcation Master Class with Gabe Zichermann

Gabe is an excellent speaker and he knows his stuff.  He uses solid, real world examples to communicate and even after the first 30 minutes I found myself still ready to click on to watch the next segment.  The power of understanding and embodying gamication really equates to building a solid group of core customers […]

Book Review – App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh

I have collected a number of books and articles related to App development for the iOS platform. I chose to look at and review this book because it was the first one I ran across that doesn’t simply focus on app development. App Savvy looks to help you plan and execute your development efforts. It […]