In Cloud We Trust

Earlier this year I looked at doing my taxes online but didn’t because I wasn’t keen on trusting Taxcut to hold and store my data up there in space. I believe we are moving toward more cloud and cloud like solutions but like the wild frontier it’s a brave new world. I’m very content on […]

App Review – Splashtop for the iPad

Splashtop is a remote control, think VNC, utility for PCs and Macs. It doesnt use VNC or Remote Desktop. You goto there website and download a streaming utility for your desktop. Once installed you can start the utility on your desktop and set some pretty standard settings. I didnt need any manual for this. On […]

The future of the Mac Mini Server

Earlier this year I purchased a Mac Mini Server with Snow Leopard Server. I did this so I could set up shared calendars with my family, facilitate wireless Time Machine Backups, host a local update repository, and enable remote services for our iPads, iPhones, and Laptops. So far this has worked well. The big steal […]

Food Review – Epic Burger = Epic Fail

It doesn’t matter what you include or exclude with your burger.  $13.19 for a burger, fries, and malt is nothing but highway robbery.  At that price the burger better jump around in my mouth and play tonsil hockey.  Let me get the good stuff out of the way first and then on to the bad […]