Borders, Dead Man Walking!

Back around 1995 and through about 2001 I used to love Borders Books.  The thing that made Borders unique to me was their broad selection of IT books.  I mean there were literally like 6 aisles of books and it covered everything.  If I needed a book, Borders was where to get it.  The part […]

How to bind OS X 10.3 clients to OS X 10.6 Open Directory

I’ve blown a few hours here trying to figure out how to bind some older 10.3 clients to my 10.6 server.  The problem with manuals is that a 10.3 manual assumes you are going from 10.3 to 10.3.  A 10.6 manual will do the same except it is for 10.6. Every manual and note talks […]