Wait, I’m now in the Namecoin business too?

So my little mining setup has been running for almost a week now and I just found out I’m mining Namecoins in addition to Bitcoins.  It appears that BTC Guild, the mining pool that I’m in, has Merged Mining.  Since Namecoin is built on the same protocol as Bitcoin, mining hashes would be applicable to […]

How much can I make Mining Bitcoins???

I’ve got my 13.2Gh/sec mining setup churning away.  I’ve pulled down some stats from BTC Guild, my mining pool, and did some calculating.  Here are the interesting numbers: If you have a 1Gh/sec setup, you can earn: 0.000292 BTC or  0.25 USD per Day 0.002043 BTC or 1.75 USD per Week 0.008616 BTC or 7.39 […]

I’m off to the mine!

Well I spent a lot of time last night working on things and I’ve got some success to report. 1) I got my BFL 10Gh/sec miner working on a PC with EasyMiner and now on my Mac Mini Server with BFGMiner.  It took me a while to get the BFL recognized on the Mac but […]

Current plan for Bitcoin Mining setups

The first and main setup is going to be a Butterfly Labs 10Gh/sec USB mining unit being driven from a Mac OS X Server.  Bitcoin-QT is being used for the wallet and MacMiner will drive the mining unit.  Based on some information I’ve gathered from others, I’m going to try and set this one up […]

Bitcoins on the brain!

I’ve read about stories regarding Bitcoins and I’ve finally reached a point where my tech side curiosity has been peaked.  I’m decided to make a minimal investment in some mining equipment to see how it works and make some coins if possible.  Part of this setup I already have and the other stuff is on […]