100 Pairs of Moon Boots!

On 7/20/2014, it was the 45th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the surface of the moon.  GE, in conjunction with JackThreads and Android Homme, decided to celebrate by developing a Moon Boot sneaker based on the technologies of the moon boot. The best part was that they released it at the exact […]

Securing SSH connection to a home server

I have a Mac Mini Server at home and it does a couple of things for me.  Hosts the source code for things I write.  Serves up a website for my code stuff.  And finally it hosts a Minecraft server.  So I’ve been monkeying around with it and now want to be able to access […]

Now they’ve done it!

 For a long time, 10+ years, I’ve always said that the day will come where you will become more intimate with your computer.  It wasn’t a wish or anything like that, it was just an observation. I use to make fun of this eventuality saying that someone was going to create a “di#k drive” and […]

BTC welcomed at NewEgg!

I just posted about being able to make purchases at Overstock.com with my precious bitcoins.  Thirty minus later I see a post on FB that NewEgg is now excepting bitcoins!  Freaking awesome!  Tech dream come true!

Thank you Overstock.com

My Bitcoin mining venture is chugging along.  The biggest mystery was going to be how to convert my BTCs into cash.  Back in March or so I discovered that Overstock.com now accepts payment in the form of BTC.  They use an external service and essentially receive and then immediately sell the BTC you send them. […]