Happy Halloween!!

It’s Halloween and even though it’s just 8am, it’s already crazy at our house.  Last night my daughter, who is all of seven, was looking online for stencils for me to carve her pumpkin.  She picked this one out call it the funny man.  She has no idea who this is but I laughed out […]

eBay to the Blog

I’m an avid eBayer and have been on there since 1997.  I’ve now have a constant trickle of items for sale and was wondering if I could list a feed of my items on WordPress.  I found a common plugin but it wanted an RSS feed from eBay.  And of course they have taken that […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – 8.0

So let’s get this out of the way; I’m a Mac / iOS guy.  None of the Droid OS devices will beat out an Apple device from my point of view.  But I don’t want to debate that, I simply want to talk about my experience with this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that I was […]

How did I do with my GE Missions – Apollo Sneakers???

My last post back in gives all the details about my sneaker purchase.  In summary, there were 100 pairs of moon boot sneakers sold to commemorate the 45th anniversary of landing on the moon.  Each pair sold for 196.90 (1969) and were delivered in October to the buyers. There were immediate listing for the shoes […]