Happy New Years!

Maybe it’s just me getting older but I’m more and more cynical about things.  New Years really gets on my nerves because it’s the great time of hope and optimism for about 1-2 weeks and then back to old rut and grind.  Well not this year! Since New Years Day is on a Thursday I’m […]

My favorite Recipe Manager for iOS

When I need to find a recipe I usually go to all recipes.com.  I like the site because I can find  things quickly and really rely on the comments/ratings that other people provide.  For me it’s like Trip Advisor for recipes. Once I find one and want to use it, I bring up My Recipe […]

Relax, think, work…

I’m an IT Line Manager in my real life.  Some managers manage very loosely, some manage very tightly and there are others that fall in between.  Regardless of a manager’s style, there is one important trait that I think all managers should have; being calm under pressure. Things go wrong.  Nine times out of ten, […]

eCigarettes and other items of DORK

I just walked over from my office building to the train station.  While walking in the station I saw a lady in her 50’s walking and toking away one one of her eCigarette contraptions.  There is a guy on my train whom I see everyday sitting there puffing away on his vapor stick.  Let me […]

One month to the New Year!

I believe that New Years Eve is a great time of remorse and promise.  It is the one time of the year where you can reflect on what you have done, what you hoped to do and what you will hope to do in the new year. Most of my resolutions in the past have […]