One month to the New Year!

I believe that New Years Eve is a great time of remorse and promise.  It is the one time of the year where you can reflect on what you have done, what you hoped to do and what you will hope to do in the new year.

Most of my resolutions in the past have been inwardly focus.  But now my children are at an age where day to day things I do are shaping how they behave and act.  I spouted on Twitter yesterday that it would be a great idea to eliminate McDonald’s from our lives.  Is it that McDonalds is bad?  Well… yes.  And if you spout off about a Salad I would rap my knuckles on your head.

10 31 KC

If I can eliminate “McDs” I think it starts to force/direct us to home.  Home is good.  Eating together is good.  I think it’s something I want to start seeing more of. I want to start shaping my kids eating habits and I want them to learn from me on how to cook.

We’ll see.  It’s a good idea for now but you know how these resolutions can turn… 

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