Raspberry Pi – what a great system!

The Raspberry Pi 2 was just release and I had it show up on my doorstep last week.  It’s an amazing little system and I’m finding more and more use for them.  With a memory chip and a case they will run you about $60.  I’ve gone beyond what can one Raspberry Pi do, I […]

Microsoft SharePoint Development

At work we have MS SharePoint 2013 and I’m looking to orchestrate some processes with it.  As with most use cases, it starts with a custom list of information and you wrap forms, workflow and other crap around it.  I have one simple requirement that has lead me down a road of total crap! My […]

SSH into your home network

In a previous article I talked about how I safely opened an ssh port into my home network and server.  This is one of those thing you better get right, if you don’t then you’ve opened yourself up to all sorts of breaches and hacks.  The fact is that most homes don’t have strong networks […]