20150314 is Born

Riding the train and another app worthy idea popped in my head.  Along with 20150309, I’ve now got two more functional ideas to get moving on!  This one is bit more utility but it’s something that I think would be useful; at least it would be for me.  I’m almost tempted to put it out […]

3D Printing Adventure

My daughter saw some 3D printouts at a little shop by us.  She mentioned they have have a 3D printer at school and she really liked it.  Of course that ended with “Dad, can I have a 3D printer”.  To which I replied “Hannah, it’s really complicated and expensive”.  Later on I started to look […]

20150309 Is Born

20150309, yes that is a date, is born.  Every once in awhile a thought comes across my mind for a development project.  I’ve always been interested in developing a game but never actually sat down to do it.  Well an idea came across about a month or so ago and it has stuck.  Just sat […]

Farewell Facebook…

Big announcement to my FB friends that I was dropping off of FB.  Kind of sad and weird all at the same time.  Going to miss hear from a few of them on regular basis but will reach and see if I can just have direct messages and what not with them.  Anyway… it’s a […]