Heated bed for PrintrBot Simple

So a month or so ago I purchased a Simple (kit) from Printrbot.  Built it and it has been great!  The one thing I didn’t like was blue printers tape everytime and that the printout really stuck were “interesting” to remove. I was on Printrbot’s site and saw they had a heatbed upgrade for $30 […]

It’s April 21st and…

I gave up McDonalds for myself and for my children.  If you have kids then you know how easy it is to stop in for fries and a quick meal.  Since early December 2014, my kids and I have been to a McDonalds once.  And that visit was for a Sundae while waiting for mom […]

New Look… Very Mobilly

Google is about to change it’s search results and make things better for the mobile friendly sites.  My site was not even close to being mobile friendly.  This one is.  Done.