Dear LinkedIn, you suck!

I’m at work today and I get a notification from LinkedIn.  It was from someone who used to work at my company who I knew but didn’t work that much with.  Any way, the endorsement was from them and they endorsed me on my “Visio” skills.  LOL  Now I know that LinkedIn presents people to […]

Unique Games…

“It’s happening all around you. They aren’t coming. They’re already here.” I was introduced to Ingress ( a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed.  First, I was amazed that I hadn’t heard of this.  Second, I was amazed because they took game play to another level.  Think capture the flag, with a lot more […]

IT Bag Junkie!

What can I say, I love bags.  I’m in touch with my feminine side and believe that our accessories define who we are and represent us.  All along I’ve always picked out bags that are unique and represent me.  Some bags cost more and some are really inexpensive… but they are all me.  Some of […]

How’s it going with no Facebook?

A few months ago I announced to my FB friends that I would stop using FB.  I was simply burnt out on it and I didn’t know why.  I have a memorial site for my wife who passed away, so I’ve stopped in to post some things on that but nothing for me.  The one exception […]

Disney and the DVC

Just got back from Disney World and had a wonderful trip.  If you go then you will see kiosks and setups for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  So what is it?  Basically it’s Disney’s timeshare.  If you buy points, you can use them to stay at Disney Resorts, Disney owned locations, Disney’s Cruise Line, and […]