Special Macbook Pro saved!!

My wife passed away a couple of years ago at an early age from breast cancer.  I kept her MBP 13″ and my daughter has been using it.  She came down to me two weekends ago and was upset because the left side of the glass had cracked!  She was probably carrying it and holding […]

IT Pen Junkie!

Yes, as I mentioned earlier this week, I’m a Bag junkie.  But then I realized this, I’m a Pen junkie too.  I’m very loyal when it comes to Pens and I like very specific styles.  My favorite pens come from a company called “Retro 51”.  I specifically like their Tornado Poppers. The pens write incredibly […]

Why so French???

Those of you who know me know that I’m very partial to France and the French in general.  But I’m not sure if anyone really knows why. First off, I’m very partial to the European style of living.  They take time to enjoy the things that are important, really important. The cuisine is incredible!  I […]

Good Job Amazon!

I’m in IT, books and Google are just part of my life.  I subscribe to Safari Books Online because and I use it a lot.  I’ve got both a Kindle and my iOS devices and I have books across both.  But one in awhile there are books that I want to own.  I call/categorize these as […]