The TUBE is dead – day 12 of Apple Stories

Steve declared the floppy drive dead.  Steve declared the CRT dead.  And eventually Steve would declare the CD/DVD drive dead as well.  At this point in time I got into custom building PCs and built my first PC system from scratch.  I also cleared the deck on most of the systems I owned and eventually […]

Ti-99/4a meet Mac – day 11 of Apple Stories

At this time, earlier 2000’s, I still had my PC, my TI-99/4a system, my PowerMac WGS server, and iMac DV.  I was at a Salvation Army shop and I found an older Mac 5300 system.  This is one of those All-in-one system but the great part was that I could pipe in the video from […]

Welcome Back Steve – day 10 of Apple Stories

Steve was back and everything “i” was coming out.  I still had my PC but I started running Apple equipment on a regular basis.  When OS X hit, I was hooked again.  First I started out with a Sage colored iMac SE unit.  I got my wife an iBook a little later as well.  I’m also […]

The Dark Ages – day 9 of Apple Stories

I broke down…  With work and everything I decided to pickup a PC based system.  The game selection was so big and I started to play Ultima Online.  You can’t fault me for playing UO.  18+ years later and I still play it today.  But there was hope… I still wanted to play around with […]

Didn’t learn – day 8 of Apple Stories

I had the opportunity when I graduated to use my employee discount and I purchase a PowerMac 6100.  For those of you who don’t know, the 6100 was the LC version of the Powermac line.  It was a think desktop and had very limited upgrade paths.  I liked it, it was faster than my other […]

First Monster Mac – day 7 of Apple Stories

I chugged along with my IIsi for about a year or so.  The first PowerMacs and Performas started coming out on the sales floor and the older systems started collecting dust.  Once again I made a deal to help move one of them out at a great price.  That day I brought home my Quadra […]

Quest for Color – day 6 of Apple Stories

While in love with my little b&w Mac, I was also messing around at work with color systems.  The LC II, the IIsi, the IIci and a Quadra 700 were some of the first system we had at the store.  Eventually I ended up buying a IIsi from another co-worker and it had a 12″ […]

Fun in Black & White land – day 5 of Apple Stories

So with my little black and white Mac Classic, I started exploring the Macintosh.  I started out with System 6.0.8 and 1MB of memory.  I quickly found myself buying the memory expansion board and moving it up to 4MB.  At this point I still wasn’t taking it online though.  I was able to fetch some […]

Lost and Found – day 4 of Apple Stories

My first year of college was interesting.  Let’s just say I had to take a detour and learn some better study habits.  But I found myself and then found out that SIU was not the school for me.  In probably what was one of the best career decisions I’ve made, I decided to stay at […]

Apple gives way to Mac – day 3 of Apple Stories

College was an eye opening experience for me.  Up until then my world was my TI and my PC.  I knew linear languages but nothing to deep.  Even grasping the concept of compiled languages was something new to me.  But one thing I knew were games. I started school out at SIU and lived in […]