My first Apple Adventure

Back in the 4th grade ( 1980-1981) I was introduced to the a TRS-80 in school and I was completed hooked.  I went to some friends house and they had an Apple computer and it was the first time I got to see a graphic adventure.  During the summer of 1981 I signed up for a “computer” class where we spent an hour a day, for two days a week, for four weeks, learning and playing on the Apple computer.  I found out that the library had two of these and that you could sign up for computer time.

Not many people or kids were using the computer during the summer and I found myself  walking about 2-3 miles by myself to the Library just to play on the computer for most of the day.  One of my friends made me a copy of Secret Agent: Mission One and Super Bunny which I played over and over.  The rest of my time was working on simple Basic programs and play around with the Monitor.  This is where it all started for me.


appleii_secret_agent_start Super_Bunny_title