MacBook Air or iPad Pro???

The iPad Pro was release and it is very interesting but I’m not sure what to do.  I currently, in addition to my work laptop, carry around an 11″ MacBook Air and a pair of iPhones (work and personal).  I work for a financial institution with a lot of restrictions so I do a lot to keep my personal equipment separate. While at work, when I’m using my MacBook Air, I connect it via my iPhone as a hot spot.  It’s not the optimal solution but it works and it is safe.

The MacBook is 5+ years old and it runs like a champ.  Never anything too heavy on it, I use it to keep organized.  I’m a particular fan of Things from Cultured Code.  I like it, they have a great product across the multiple Apple products.  Most, probably around 90%, of what I use this system for, I could do on an iPad.  I used to have an iPad until my son cracked his and he inherited mine.  :)

I know that both the new MacBook Air and the iPad Pro will end up around the same as far as costs.  It really comes down to how it will fit with my uses.  Am I one of those people that the iPad Pro makes sense?  I’m not sure but it is what I’m going to start looking at.  I won’t be ready to get one until the 2nd revision comes out.