Apple Watch… 30 days in…

On Black Friday, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an Apple Watch. I got the 42mm Sport – Midnight Blue band and Gold.  I haven’t worn a watch for 10+ years.  I have a collection of watches and they sit very nicely in a display case but never felt the need to wear them.  I’ve had this Apple Watch on for most of the 30 days and here is what I’ve found so far:

  • Being able to respond to calls and messages on it is great!  I always leave my phone in my office but having the watch ring and ping me is great.  Not to mention all the times the phone is buried in my bag or coat and I can’t hear it.
  • Battery life is about 2 days with normal use.  That means every other night you need to leave it on the charger.
  • Apps are “ok”.  Nothing to write home about.  Outside of being to get at stuff in a pinch, I haven’t found them all that useful.
  • The band and fit is really nice.  I have thinner wrists and the watch came with a smaller band.  The texture of the sport band is very comfortable and doesn’t cause sweat or discomfort.

So, right now you can get the sport 42mm models for about $300 from places like Target (gift card rebate of 100) or Best Buy.  Is it worth $300???  For me, I’m happy with the purchase, for others… probably not.  If you are really looking for an extension to your phone then I say go for it.  Otherwise, I’d wait and see what version 2 has to offer.