The Pedestrian – Kickstarter

I saw this post on Facebook and watch the video.  It looks like a really cool and unique game they are developing.

Another PeeCee has moved in…

Back when I was mining Bitcoins I actually gathered a few.  At some point I wanted to play a couple Steam games that were only on Windows.  So I bought a real inexpensive CyberPower desktop.  Older i3 chip, GTX640 card, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great machine but any of todays game I […]

Minecraft – Survival Mode Starter

I play a lot of Minecraft with my daughter.  She always plays in Creative mode while I prefer Survival mode.  After a couple of years I realize that I have a pattern that I follow that works in getting started.   Getting established is the first thing. 1. Go pound down a couple of trees […]

Apple Watch… 30 days in…

On Black Friday, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an Apple Watch. I got the 42mm Sport – Midnight Blue band and Gold.  I haven’t worn a watch for 10+ years.  I have a collection of watches and they sit very nicely in a display case but never felt the need to wear them. […]

Black Friday – SUCCESS!

Had a lot of shopping to get done and I did most of it from my desk at home.  Amazon, Target, Toys R’ Us and eBay were great.  I saw that both Best Buy and Target had sales on Apple Watches.  I’ve been eyeballing the Gold Sport Model with the Midnight Blue bands.  Target had […]

MacBook Air or iPad Pro???

The iPad Pro was release and it is very interesting but I’m not sure what to do.  I currently, in addition to my work laptop, carry around an 11″ MacBook Air and a pair of iPhones (work and personal).  I work for a financial institution with a lot of restrictions so I do a lot […]

The TUBE is dead – day 12 of Apple Stories

Steve declared the floppy drive dead.  Steve declared the CRT dead.  And eventually Steve would declare the CD/DVD drive dead as well.  At this point in time I got into custom building PCs and built my first PC system from scratch.  I also cleared the deck on most of the systems I owned and eventually […]

Ti-99/4a meet Mac – day 11 of Apple Stories

At this time, earlier 2000’s, I still had my PC, my TI-99/4a system, my PowerMac WGS server, and iMac DV.  I was at a Salvation Army shop and I found an older Mac 5300 system.  This is one of those All-in-one system but the great part was that I could pipe in the video from […]

Welcome Back Steve – day 10 of Apple Stories

Steve was back and everything “i” was coming out.  I still had my PC but I started running Apple equipment on a regular basis.  When OS X hit, I was hooked again.  First I started out with a Sage colored iMac SE unit.  I got my wife an iBook a little later as well.  I’m also […]

The Dark Ages – day 9 of Apple Stories

I broke down…  With work and everything I decided to pickup a PC based system.  The game selection was so big and I started to play Ultima Online.  You can’t fault me for playing UO.  18+ years later and I still play it today.  But there was hope… I still wanted to play around with […]