Shroud of the Avatar

What is Shroud of the Avatar?  SotA is the latest MMO creation of Richard Garriott (aka Lord British).  Back in 2013 a Kickstarter project was setup to develop the game and various pledges were established to award the loyal fans.  As of this writing nearly $9.75 million as been raised and there are over 180,000 players registered.

Everyone who has ever been an Ultima fan has been waiting patiently as the game has been developed.  Earlier, for those early backers, there have been incremental release along the way and we’ve been able to see things as they have been develop. This has been great because the developers can directly see the impact of features as they have been released.

One of the biggest drivers of the pledge donations has been the ability to secure “Lot Deeds”.  The game allows for the ability to own land.  Land means houses.  Houses are key to prosperity and setting up shops if you are a crafter.  The more you pledge, the bigger the plots and the rewards.

Plots start out from Row (think row houses), to Village, Town, City, Keep and Castle.  Village lots, currently what I own, are great for a couple of people.  I’ve got a two-story small keep on my plot but the real space saver is the 5-story basement below.  More than enough room for me and whatever I want to do.

So what do you do in the game?  Is there an end?  No, not really.  The goal is do whatever you like and get good at it.  In the beginning it’s hard going because you really can’t do much.  I literally spent most of my first day hunting chickens and rabbits to get some resource and slowly raise my Archery skills.  After a day or two of pecking around I’m finally at a point where I can kill basic robbers (bad guys) and simple creatures (wolves, skeletons, zombies).

For me personally I love the crafting system.  It’s diverse and complex.  You can be a carpenter, a blacksmith, a tailor and many other professions.  You have to build up your skills as you go along and be able to gather or get resources needed.  For example, carpenters need wood, you have to gather wood from trees, trees are in areas where you run into baddies that you have to defeat.

So in the early stages it’s a tit for tat process.  Need some combat skills so I can get basic resources.  Need basic resources so I can practice a raise my profession skills. Sounds tedious but it’s this part of the game that makes it both rewarding and fun.  It’s not just grinding out skill points, it’s choosing what to do and having fun do it.  Did I mention that I fish as well?

So if you do decide to be part of the journey that is Shroud of the Avatar, come look me up.  My name is Elaina Strongbow and I live in the town of Aldwater.

Image001 1

Southern land of Novia, on the Perennial Coast is Aldwater


In the inner city of Aldwater I can be found on the East side of town

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